AH2S Repeater System

The AH2S Repeater System operates on 447.050 MHz output, 442.050 MHz input, and requires a PL (CTCSS) Tone of 114.8 Hz.  It is an open system and all amateur radio operators are welcome to use it.  When controlling the repeater, please announce your callsign before sending DTMF codes.  Also, once you are finished using the repeater, after having connected it to some other node or network, please disconnect it to return it to the state it was in prior to your use.
AllStar DTMF Command Set
*1 node#  =  Disconnect repeater from a specific node
*2 node#  =  Connect repeater to node in monitor-only mode
*3 node#  =  Connect repeater to a node in transcieve mode
*4 node#  =  Enter command mode on a remote node
*71            =  Disconnect from all nodes
*8              =  Local connection status
*02            =  Report local time

--- MACROS ---
*511         =  Connect to WIN System (West coast system)
*512         =  Connect to WAN (Wide Area Network Repeaters)
*513         =  Connect to East Coast Reflector Network

IRLP DTMF Command Set
*6             =  IRLP command mode active (must be done first)
XXXX       =  Connect to an IRLP node or reflector
73            =  Disconnect from node or reflector
#              =  Leave IRLP command mode

This system is primarily an AllStar Link Repeater system.
As such, the default state of the system is standard AllStar
and works with the common default DTMF codes supported by
most AllStar Link systems. DTMF *6 will put the AllStar Link
Repeater into, "IRLP command mode." When properly put into
IRLP command mode, the system will drop any existing AllStar
Linked node connections and will respond in a female voice
that says, "I R L P." Although the carrier will not dropout
like one would expect, DTMF commands for IRLP may be entered.
Once the IRLP command has been successful, sending the DTMF
pound sign (#) will take the repeater back out of IRLP
command mode and the carrier will drop like normal. The
repeater will remain connected to the IRLP node that the
system was commanded to connect to and the user may begin
their communications with the connected IRLP node/reflector.
The repeater must be put back into IRLP comand mode again
before any other IRLP commands will be accepted. This means
that in order to disconnect from the connected IRLP node or
reflector, the DTMF command *6 must be sent again to re-enter
IRLP command mode before the IRLP disconnect command can be
given. After that, the DTMF pound sign (#) must be sent to
take the repeater back out of IRLP command mode and the
the carrier will then drop.

Contact the owner for assistance: gro.s2ha@bor

Repeater Pictures
repeater front
repeater angle
AH2S Repeater System

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